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PARISTAR is a new touristic game with tea, cards, dice ... with the theme Paris.

It is entirely made in France.

It is for all those who love the knowledge of board games and wishing to learn about the wonders of Paris or would like to know better spot in the "City of Light", while playing and having fun !
Here, no questions and answers but a circuit to create and visit of Paris with cards.

But beware, the connection between the cards to be ensured and route choices can be many times !
What will players will choose cards? ...

Each game is unique !

It's not necessary to know PARIS to play PARISTAR ! The game takes the form of a sightseeing tour through Paris without questions, building oneself -or into a team- and depending on the cards in his possession, one or more circuits through Paris with ... Using multiple unavoidable and Paris transport ! ... While discovering the sites and collecting points while visiting the capital of France !
PARISTAR is recommended from 12 years for a family of rich discoveries, solitaire player wishing a fun & cultural tourism product for increased knowledge of Paris between gamers or competitor wishing to develop a strategy ...
Playing PARISTAR, Capitale doors, streets, squares, bridges, bus lines, lines & metro stations ... will have no more secrets after a few parties !

The potential of the game is important both for tourism as playful by the number of cards contained in the box and the choices ... but it suits everyone: the rule (and his choice of party) initiates serenely beginner player, the player confirmed reserves of new discoveries ... and offers the virtually unlimited resource competitor (impossibility of two identical parts) !
Thus, of the 1550 cards that make up the game, a beginner will only fifty cards to handle in a part of 1h30 to 2h maxi, and a competitor will have 150-160 cards (at least !) in a part of several hours...
In addition, after initiating a beginner can rub an experienced player (... and with some chance of success !) with an advantageous card, the "Welcome Card" which is reserved for him (she is also distributed to younger ).

Rule of the game

The key thing to know is gathered here in Paris with two goals in the same game (2 different winners possible !)  :

Objective 1:

First create the largest tour circuit using the cards received from then acquired during the game. From a door of Paris, a circuit is going to be formed by first placing on the card holder a map (street, square, station ...) included in the area of ​​the door. Each card added in the circuit must be of course in communication with the previous and the next ... who will recover (in "translation": passage from one street to another in common crossroads debt subway station in a an artery and output by a station located in another area or another borough, use a taxi (joker) to go from one place to another, or batobus (wildcard) to go from one platform to another, etc. .). Many circuits can be created.

The largest number of cards used to make the "main" circuit determines the winner ("the top performer").

Objective 2:

A combined points determines a second winner (the most "complete player") using the circuits formed in the first goal of the game. It is simply to recognize the points obtained ... through the many cards of all the circuits realized in the value of the route taken (value squares, streets ...) and remarkable sites of the visits along the way (over 2000 sites included in PARISTAR and distributed in 20 districts). The winner "Combiné" is the one with the most points. By playing strategy oriented Combined gain (usually depending on the cards received or acquired), the winner "combiné" is often different from the winner "Circuit".

PARISTAR can play 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 individual players in (up to 7 in competition), and even more by forming teams. It is also entirely possible to play alone (eg by trying to beat his records in the two goals of the game).

There are many types of parts as time and style of players: family circle in part of 1h30 to 2h, friends (of 2 to 3 hours), passionate competitors (3 hours to ... "to the end of the night" !)

How to buy PARISTAR

Go to "COMMANDER" (top of the page) and follow information, the price and indications.

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